Certified Inspection

Total International is an ISO9001-certified cargo and NDT inspection company with more than 10 years of dedicated services. We provide inspection, survey, analysis, and testing services for pulp & paper, and other products throughout the United States.

Our experienced staff has all the knowledge and expertise needed to protect your interest at all times. Through our reliability, professionalism, exemplary service, and quality-oriented approach, we have earned the confidence and respect of all of our clients, who have faithfully stuck with us from the beginning and continued to trust our dedication to the work that we do.



Different commodities/products have different sets of standards and requirements in their respective industries that need to be met in order to ensure a successful product deployment or a safe and smooth cargo delivery from the origin to the destination.

Our job as an inspection company is to aid importers and exporters by performing analysis, verification, supervision, and testing on the product(s) and make sure they meet quality standards and government regulations and that any non-compliance is immediately rectified.

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